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That PHP/SQL blogging app I was working on? - Don't Dream it, Be it [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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That PHP/SQL blogging app I was working on? [Sep. 22nd, 2010|01:22 pm]
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It works now.  

It rejects invalid logins.  It accepts new posts into the database.  It displays the posts in the database.

Design note I picked up- When using joined tables from within PHP, and I suppose any programming language, life is much easier when you use column aliases.  DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC is also a friend of mine now.  Lets me use descriptive names for what I pull out of my query rows.  Not a huge deal for two databases of 5 columns each, but if things grow much beyond that, it would be a nightmare to keep it all straight with numbers.  I suppose I might investigate using numbers if I hit a performance problem and had tried basically everything else and it still isn't fast enough.  But at that point I'd probably be taking a serious look at using a compiled language.

I like the PHP session tracking.  So much simpler than the wild homebrew schemes I had been sketching out in my head.  

This project has renewed my love of Unix.  "cat apache_error_log | grep php" has been critically important.  I've also gotten a bit better with vi in this project.

There are some important features missing.  Pagination for one.  Better(read any at all) input validation would be kind of useful.  At some point I should probably work out a better login system- passwords plaintext literally everywhere they show up is not a particularly good design from a security standpoint.  Might be smart to not hardcode the database name, database user, and database password.  The ability to save a login for next time you come back would be a nice usability enhancement.  Comments are on my list to add at some point.

But I think I'll take a step back from the backend coding and tidy up the user interface.  As is, it is functional at best.  While I'm in the functional > pretty camp,  a well done UI isn't just pretty, it makes things more functional even with the exact same featureset. I probalby won't turn out a brilliant ui, but with a bit of work I can do better than I have now.